Heartwarming Goodbyes To Football Last Week

Heartwarming Goodbyes To Football Last Week

Farewell To Football After Borussia Vs. Bayer Match

In the match between Borussia Dortmund and Bayer, there were several of them. Borussia said goodbye to Lukasz Piszczek, who spent 11 years at the club. The partners arranged for him an honorary corridor, and the club dedicated a massive banner in the stands to the player. Bayer saw off Lars and Sven Bender. Unfortunately, the brothers retire at the age of 32 due to permanent injuries. The club's fans met the team's bus in Leverkusen to say goodbye to the Benders. The football players even went out to them and drank a bottle of beer. The same game was the last for the German referee Manuel Gräfe. He was also given a farewell ceremony, and Holland had traditionally exchanged T-shirts with the ref.

Legendary Bayern Players Leave The Club

The whole gang left Bayern. The club put up a banner dedicated to Flick, Klose – he was a member of the coaching staff, Alaba, Boateng, Martinez and Costa with the words, "Thank you, guys." The hardest part was saying goodbye to Boateng. When he was changed to Musiala, Jerome burst into tears. And after the whistle, Bayern gave everyone big photos with the titles they won at the club.

Wijnaldum Leaves Liverpool

In the Premier League, Liverpool said goodbye to Wijnaldum. When he left the field in the 78th minute, both fans and players gave him a standing ovation. After the whistle, the partners formed a corridor for Georginio and presented him a plaque with Liverpool trophies.

Manchester City Said Goodbye To Aguero

Manchester City said goodbye to Aguero, and Pep Guardiola burst into tears in live. When asked about this situation, he admitted that no one could replace the Argentine.