Betting on Motorsport



There are various sport competitions involving driving of motorized vehicles – mainly cars and motorcycles, but ultimately any vehicles, even aircrafts and drones. All of them fall into the category of motorsport. The most popular are the racing competitions, but there are also non-racing sports, such as drifting, trails and freestyle. There are two main governing bodies in the sport: FIA, which oversees four-wheeled motorsport, and FIM, which administers two-wheeled competitions. Due to a high number of competitions and multiple disciplines there are always many events to place your bets on and you will always be able to find an event with odds suitable for you.

The Most Popular Motorsport Competitions

Among all the motorsport competitions, racing in its various forms is the most popular one. The most prestigious automobile racing is without any doubt Formula One, which has been dominating the scene since its inaugural season in 1950 and is especially popular in Europe. The competitions are held using the fastest open-wheel cars specifically built by the best constructors, their top speed can reach approximately 230 mph. Each season consists of multiple races, known as Grands Prix – since 2010 each season included at least 19 races, which are held all over the world. The other single-seater series which is especially popular in the United States is IndyCar, it was founded in 1994 with headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. All recent IndyCar Series included at least 15 competitions held across the United States, the most prestigious of them is Indianapolis 500. The other popular motorsport competitions include MotoGP – premier motorcycle racing event, as well as the American stock-car racing NASCAR.

Why is Motorsport Betting a Superb Opportunity?

Motorsport betting is always a perfect opportunity for all bettors. First of all, motorsport events usually come with high odds, which can potentially bring big wins. A world-popular Formula One is a good example. Also, there are a lot of championships and tournaments to bet on all year round.

All of them are highly immersive thanks to extreme dynamics and multiple factors that can change racers' positions. For example, you should consider weather, track type, driver performance, team history, and more to make the best decision.

With GG.Bet you can take advantage of the top lines for multiple popular tournaments and championships. Among them are events for car racing betting and top motorcycling series. We offer competitive odds for all local and international championships.

Along with competitive odds, we offer detailed statistics for all famous races. Besides betting on pre-match events, you can take advantage of live betting and explore the highest odds in the industry.

What’s more, you do not need to register on third-party platforms since our bookmaker offers an inbuilt broadcast option. So you can enjoy high-quality live streaming of the racing event and place bets based on the current result.

What Motor Racing Betting Lines Can We Offer?

All registered users may access a wide selection of betting lines with dozens of local and international events. Check out a brief description of the main examples to get a big picture.

F1 Betting

Betting on F1 is one of the most popular options since this is the highest-class racing tournament since 1950. FIA sanctioned all cars that participated in FIA. The Formula 1 season consists of a series of races (Grand Prix) held in many countries and continents. All those F1 betting events are presented on our website and available for betting.

Formula 1 is always a thrill because it is characterized by both dizzying speed and impressive prize pools that often exceed $1bn. Speaking of the rules, it's worth noting that drivers and teams get points depending on their final position in each race.

The racer and the team that score the highest points become world champions. If racers drive more than 2 hours, the event automatically ends. Each team must build its own car, and drivers cannot change teams during the season.

Those who prefer Formula 1 betting know that in F1 there are no fixed intermediate tournaments, since they are held in different places every year. For example, in 2024, the Grand Prix racers will be in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Japan, etc. Take advantage of the best F1 odds on our sportsbook and start your journey to big wins!

NASCAR Betting

NASCAR betting online is another option for all fans of thrilling emotions and high speed. This is the most reputable motorsport organization. NASCAR was established a few years earlier than F1 (1948) and offers more events yearly. Truck, Cup and Xfinity Series are among the top NASCAR series.

They occur in different locations almost every week from February to early November. Those who enjoy NASCAR betting online know that, along with different series, they are characterized by individual types and rules. This depends on the type of track coverage and the vehicle specification (engine volume, transmission, fuel capacity, etc.).

Also, every NASCAR series has its own penalty system (Stop and Go, One Lap, Pass-Through penalties, etc.) and qualification procedure (for example, Road Courses and Daytona 500 provisions). Those who enjoy betting on NASCAR may use our site to get comprehensive statistics and info about each NASCAR series that can simplify your bet placing.

MotoGP Betting

Betting on MotoGP is for those who are looking for the high-end motorcycle road racing experience. The tournament dates back to 1949 and is currently held under the rules of the International Motorcycle Federation. Within the framework of the championship, there are three main series that differ in permissible engine volumes: Moto3 (up to 250 cm³), Moto2 (up to 600 cm³), and MotoGP (up to 1000 cm³).

As in the case of Formula 1, the bikes must be specially designed prototypes. At the same time, a racer can change no more than 6 engines per season (otherwise, he is punished by the last position at the start). The tournament uses a points system.

The racer who gets the most points after completing all the race rings wins. In general, points are awarded to the first 15 pilots. GG.Bet provides the widest possible line of bets on this sport, the odds for which are available in real time with broadcasting and unique markets.

WRC Betting

Within the motorsport betting category, you can also wager on the World Rally Championship. It has been held since 1973 and is controlled by FIA. The series consists of 12-15 three-day races on tracks with different surfaces (soil, ice, asphalt, snow, gravel or their combination). Each stage has 15-25 special sections.

As a rule, 60+ cars are participating in the competition, so you will definitely have multiple options to choose from and place a bet on. In addition to professional teams, private enthusiasts, participants of the youth world championship, and local racers are also invited. Given the peculiarities of WRC wagering, there are a lot of opportunities for prop betting.

Major Markets for Racing Betting

You can choose from the following bet types while wagering on F1, NASCAR, MotoGP, and other events. Each of them requires a different level of skill from the bettor, as well as the size of the odds.

Bet Type Description
Direct Wagering Simply predict the outright winner
Head-to-Head Driver Matchup Decide which of 2 drivers will finish first
Futures Here, you predict a team or a racer who will win the future tournament
Top Finish Bet Decide who will finish within the top 3, 5, or 10
Fastest Qualifier Decide which racer will perform the best during qualification racing
Fastest Lap Predict which driver will finish with the best timing
Props Decide whether there will be crashes during the race, caution flags, and so on

What to Consider When Predicting Race Results

Check the following motor racing betting tips to make a well-informed decision. First, consider the average practice lap indicators. This way, you can inform your bets (especially if you use a driver matchup bet) and get information about driver performance.

Also, you should consider the momentum and track history. Since momentum plays a big role in motorsport, you should focus on those drivers who have shown excellent results in previous races. Finally, delaying placing a bet is not always a bad strategy.

Sometimes, it is worth waiting until the moment when there are 30-40 laps to the end of the track. Thus, you can get critical information about the drivers and make a more informed decision.

Boost Your Chances in Live Racing Betting

Live betting is always riskier since you wager on real-time events. A lot of external factors may impact the race outcome. At the same time, live betting can bring you hefty cash prizes since it comes with high odds.

If you understand this sport and know the teams/racers you will bet on, test your luck with real time betting on our platform. Click on the “Live” tab, open the list of current events and pick the race you are interested in. Check the motor racing betting odds available and visit our section with statistics.

After you become completely confident in your decision, click on the driver or a team, fill in the sum in the bet slip, and click to submit. Further, you will be notified whether you win or lose to your email and within the internal message system. Remember that we have a broadcast option available for all players.