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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a multiplayer online game with elements of a survival simulator developed by Bluehole and distributed through Steam.

Battlegrounds Success Story

The concept of the game was developed by Brendan Green with a nickname PlayerUnknown, who at that time indeed was unknown to a broad audience. It was he who created a modification called “Battle Royale” for another popular title on Steam – Arma.

The idea was quite simple yet very successful – players start a match at different points of the map and fight for survival – they need to collect weapons and equipment and gradually move to the constantly narrowing safe zone, killing the opponents on their way. The modification became incredibly popular in the community, subsequently becoming a part of another popular game – H1Z1. But it was just the start for PlayerUnknown – after some time he decides to release his own game and gains the backing of Bluehole company.

The project called PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds becomes a breakout hit and even surpasses a giant of the industry CS:GO on Steam by concurrent players. The PUBG streams are very popular as well, with PUBG being in the top-3 games on Twitch. In total, Bluehole has sold over 6 million copies in the first four months. Currently, the main distribution platform for the game is Steam, it is also going to be available for the consoles.

Esport Potential: Tournaments and Betting

Battlegrounds isn’t just an extremely popular and entertaining game, it also has a strong competitive aspect and potential to become an esports game. The project is also of a great interest to the betting industry.

Definitely, battlegrounds gameplay is complex, and in order to win you have to understand the mechanics of the game and have advanced shooting skills. Although the project is not out of Early Access stage, almost everyone discusses its future as an e-sports game. Indeed, people not only want to play, but they also like to watch streams, support their favorite players, and make esport bets on Battlegrounds.

The developers clearly understand what their fans want and are considering the opportunity to seriously engage in esport. It was already announced that the first major LAN-tournament is going to be held at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. The tournament is organized by a giant of the industry – ESL. 80 players will participate in the event and fight for a prize pool over $350,000.

It should be noted, that PUBG is much different from other esports titles with prevalent 1-1 or team vs. team competitions. However, there is no doubt that the interest in this game is enormous and the upcoming tournament will earn a lot of attention in the gaming and esports community. It is thought that this tournament will give a significant boost to an esports aspect of the project, and consequently, the market of Battlegrounds betting is going to grow as well. is the best platform to bet on esports tournaments thanks to its intuitive design and best odds out there.