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What’s the most popular racket-based sport? Not many know, but badminton is surprisingly high on the list. Thanks to its fame in Asian countries like China, South Korea, and Malaysia, over 220 million people play it yearly.

Obviously, such numbers have created a foundation for competitive badminton tournaments. This is an Olympic sport and has many annual competitions. Considering this, badminton betting is never lackluster.

That’s especially true if the talk is about GG.Bet bookie. Our site has competitive odds and features big and small badminton events in pre-match and live betting options. Moreover, each has a ton of non-trivial betting markets. Every new bet is a fresh excitement.

Badminton as a Professional Sports Discipline

Badminton has a rich history, rooted in India but developed in England. The sport was noticed by English elites. Soon, it experienced rapid growth. And in the middle of the 20th century, badminton acquired its iconic competitions.

What’s best about badminton is the game’s simplicity hiding behind a complicated look. Each match is divided into sets. To win a game, a competitor must score two sets faster than the opponent.

Scoring a set is possible after getting 21 points and being 2 points ahead of the enemy. For example, if the score is 20 - 20, the game will continue until someone has 2 more points.

To score a point, a player should hit a shuttlecock with a racket so that it flies over the net and lands on the opponent's field. That’s where the skill prevails. There are different types of shots, and each suits a specific scenario. An ability to pick the right ones and execute them differs a master player from a mediocre one.

Badminton Tournaments with Excellent Betting Offers

The best time for badminton betting is during major events. We offer the highest odds and more markets for them. Sometimes, we even give you tournament-specific promotions with free bets. Here are a couple of events where it happens:

  • BWF World Championship

Conducted in Southeast Asian regions, Europe, America, and Canada, the Badminton World Championship is an annual biggest badminton event. This and the next event we’ll reveal are the most prestigious badminton competitions. They give out the most player-ranking points, and BWFWC gets a world champion title. Therefore, it consists of the best world players, where China is leading.

  • Summer Olympic Games

Every four years, you get a fantastic chance to bet on badminton at the Olympic Games. The sport has appeared in the list of games since 1992 and is governed by BWF. There are men’s and women’s badminton competitions for the Olympics. Both are dominated by Chinese athletes.

  • BWF Thomas Cup

This is the oldest event and the one we talked about in the badminton history section. Thomas Cup is alternatively called the World Men's Team Championships and is international. Indonesians tend to dominate this cup as they have scored the most (14) titles here.

  • Sudirman Cup

All the countries joining BWF (governor of all the competitions from this list) are contesting a Sudirman Cup. Since 1989 (when a cup was founded), China has been an absolute leader. They have 13 titles in total.

How to Bet on Badminton?

Successful badminton betting online requires knowledge. You must comprehend how all the markets work, the odds’ impact, and live betting. Lacking any of these elements can cause you a profit loss.

Next, we’ll patch all the breaches in your betting knowledge. Here is a guide covering all the essentials required for betting on badminton.

Markets for Badminton Betting

Badminton betting at GG.Bet allows you to pick between numerous markets. All of them are different in profit and difficulty. So you’ll always find one matching your skill and award requirements. Check out these popular markets:

  • Match winner. Bet on who wins a match;
  • Totals. Wager on whether the score of points or sets goes over or under a given number;
  • Outright. Guess who wins an entire competition;
  • Odd/Even. Bet on whether the number of sets will be odd or even;
  • Set score. Wager on a specific finishing set score;
  • Set winners. Try to guess who wins one of the sets.

Badminton Odds

Badminton odds function as a representation of your potential win and the chances of a probable outcome. Let’s look at the example of the match-winner market with Player A having 2.50 and Player B 1.50 odds.

Suppose you bet $100. To determine your prize, multiply $100 by the odd number. So, if you bet on Player A, you get $250. However, consider that the higher the badminton odds are, the lower the chance of this outcome.

You may also notice that odds can shift after you’ve wagered. But don’t worry, your bet won’t change its odd value (if you’ve already made it). However, if you’ve spotted better badminton betting odds, you can’t close your bet and make a new one. The only thing you can do is to make a new bet on the same market. But it’s not always available.

Live Bets

As any of the top badminton betting sites, GG.Bet offers a live betting section. It allows you to bet on the badminton matches which have already started. This option also has many betting markets and better odds that shift constantly. They do it according to any in-game occurrence influencing the probable bet outcome.

In addition, at GGBet you can watch the match in real time via 2D visualization and sometimes via broadcast. We provide full game statistics and score, which will make your live betting process very easy.

Make Predictions on Badminton Matches Based On Statistics from GG.Bet

All the badminton betting experts encourage you to analyze match stats for better predictions. But where do you get them? At GG.Bet. We give all our customers a 100% free table with badminton statistics.

You can use it differently. One of the ways is to consider previous player’s performances to predict an upcoming one. But never use it alone. Strive to pair it with other facts for the most accurate predictions.

Badminton History: From Origins to Modern Sport

Badminton as a sport originates from India, where English officers have taken it on. Soon, they sailed back to their homeland, where the sport was noticed by Charles Somerset. The guy was into sports and built the first badminton playing field in 1873. And in several years, in 1893, the England Badminton Association published the first game rules regulations.

This led to the creation of the World Badminton Federation in 1934. And in 1947 and 1955, the world saw a Thomas Cup and Uber Cup: men’s and women’s championships.

Next, the sport has acquired iconic events like BWFWC and the Olympic Games. Badminton betting became famous alongside.


What is the easiest type of badminton bet?

Match winner is the easiest type of bet in badminton. But you can simplify it even more by using it within live badminton betting.

Does GG.Bet have match broadcasts for badminton live betting?

Yeah, we provide live broadcasts for many matches. Their sources are official tournament streams. If for some reason we couldn't add a broadcast, the progress of the match will definitely be in the form of a graphical visualization.

Are bonuses available when I bet on badminton?

The best badminton betting site is not only famous for its variety of matches, but also for its bonuses. And since GGBet aims to be one, we offer you unique [sport-specific promotions]. They’ll give you free bets for the major badminton events.

What strategies can be applied for betting on badminton?

One of the primary badminton betting tips is to analyze opponents before the bet. Find and compare their weak and strong points. This will give you a better image of an upcoming contest. You can also apply the strategy of multiple bets in small amounts. In this case, one winning bet can overlap the lost bet in terms of profit. And if there are several of them, you can potentially increase your chances.